I discovered falling in love with horses when I was 2 years old, when I discovered that near my grandfather’s house at Lake Orta there were three marvelous horses grazing free in an enclosure.
In 1995, at the age of 6, my father decided to finally take me on horseback, hoping that I could get scared and stop stressing him with this story. No hypothesis was more wrong! I still remember the first horse on which I went: a Dutch bay mare named Brigitte and I did not want to get off!
Thus began my adventure together with the horses. For about 11 years, I went to school and experimented with the show jumping. Then out of curiosity I decided to go to Fano’s Farm to try the western riding: I wanted to change.
Immediately I fell in love with horses: the Quarter Horses are phenomenal horses! Extremely versatile and with a huge heart. True companions of adventures.
So I decided to leave the world of English riding to try my hand in the western world.
In 2010 I fooled: I finally bought my first horse. I’ve always dreamed of having one and did not know that in reality it had always been here at Fano’s Farm: my horse is a toothbrush, trained years ago by the instructor Giovanni Pagani and now pampered and spoiled by myself. I have never loved the world of competitions, but with Spazzolino I tried to throw myself into a new discipline: the Roping Ranch. We had a lot of fun and we even managed to win some races.
Today Spazzi and I only have great walks in complete relaxation.
The passion for horses led me to achieve the ANIRE title as a recreational sports equestrian operator for the disabled and the FISE title as OTEW (western riding technical operator). Not only that, the love for animals led me to graduate in 2011 in Animal Breeding and Welfare at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Milan and to make various work experience in the field.
My goal here at Fano’s Farm is not only to teach the correct equestrian technique, but above all to teach love and respect for this noble animal that has been at our service for centuries. If I can transmit this value to my students, then I will feel fulfilled in this work.


The cost per lesson is 25 euros.
The first lesson is for free.