Thai Massage is an antique art, still practised regularly in Thailand to balance out and stimulate the energy flow within the body. This helps to prevent illnesses in joint sand musclesas the body becomes more elastic and flexible. At the same time Thai Massage gently supports patients with stress and anxiety.
Thai Massage is suitable for all age groups as well as for all levels of fitness.
The recipient is dressed in loose, comfortable clothing, ideally made of cotton and lies on a mator firm mattress on the floor.
Traditional Thai massage does not use oils or lotions.

Thai Massage and it santique traditions were developed to bring the body back to a state of equilibrium and comfort.
Each treatment loosens deep muscular tissue, relaxes joints, encourages toxin secretion, improves body posture and enhances overall well-being.


Inspired by a Thai Massage many years ago, I enthusiastically began studying the tradtional Thai Massage in various schools and with several teachers in Italy and Thailand:
Matteo Lucchini (Professional Teacher Federazione italiana Traditional Thai Massage)
Andrea Baglioni (Senior Teacher Sunshine Network , Lahu Village, Thailand)
Mario Milli (Professional Teacher Federazione italiana Traditional Thai Massage )
Pichest Boonthumme (Chiang Mai – Thailand)
Arnaud L’Hermitte (Founder of the Osteo-Thai Method)